Incident from Vicksburg

Chaplain Howard of the 42d Illinois approached a knot of Confederate prisoners and accosted a long, lean, lank specimen, inquiring, “My friend, have you the Gospel among you?”

“Waal, I can’t tell ye, stranger; I dunno nuthin’ about it here — don’t think we’ve got it, but I hearn that it has broke out awful bad down in Camp Douglas!” came the reply from the bewildered Rebel POW.

The Confederate thought the chaplain was talking about some infectious disease. The chagrined preacher beat a hasty retreat to his camp, where the story spread quickly.

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3 thoughts on “Incident from Vicksburg

  1. Joseph

    I love the anecdote! Did you get this from Foote per chance?

  2. Hello Joseph!

    No, the quote is from a rather obscure 19th century book entitled Camp-Fire Chats of the Civil War by Washington Davis, who interviewed hundreds of veterans and recorded their anecdotes and incidents. It was one of many source I used for my series of Human Interest Stories books.


  3. Joseph

    Thank you for the response. I will have to check out that book!

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