Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign

I had a book signing earlier today at the Gettysburg Gift Center / American Civil War Museum in Gettysburg as part of the 145th Anniversary commemorations. I shared a table with author Thomas A. McGrath, a college professor who has written a book on the Battle of Shepherdstown.  Civil War miniature wargamers will recognize this battle as one that appeared as a Johnny Reb 3 scenario in my book, Undying Courage: The Antietam Campaign in Miniature. Shepherdstown is among the most threatened ACW battlefields, and preservationists were recently dealt a severe blow by the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Now, the door may have opened to allow the desecration of the battlefield and conversion into yet another housing development – a shameful travesty that has already gobbled up hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of historic sites in this country. For once, it would be nice for politicians and judges to do something to protect and preserve the heritage of this country before it’s too late. A giant raspberry for the Mountaineer “justices,” and a huzzah for Tom McGrath and others who are struggling to publicize and protect the Shepherdstown battlefield.

Contact the author for more information.

Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign by Thomas McGrath (Schroeder Publications, 2007)  Maps, photos, illustrations, soft cover. Pages: 268 ISBN:1-889246-39-5.

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4 thoughts on “Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign

  1. Scott,
    We must have missed you. The boys and I did a quick recon of the new museum. Some good points some so so. We were there from around 3:00 to 3:30 the crowd was large and the only book signing was near the exit with the Reenactor who I think was playing Longstreet. The crowd was a bear but the facility looks nice. Not too sure about the displays however. Only 1/4 was about Gettysburg. The research terminals were a nice addition. It was easy to find and traffice was not that bad. We found a spot in the middle lot and a short walk from the main entry. Not as easy to walk around as the old site however. Did not get to view any of the special programs and HAD to ask where to go for a broucher for the self-guided tour. Snack bar look very nice. Book Store looked a bit thin. HELL they do not carry Gettysburg Magazine! Any idea on a good source for back issues?

    James Mattes

  2. James,

    I was signing at the American Civil War Museum / Gettysburg Center, which is the large brick building on Steinwehr Avenue that usually has living historians encamped in front of it. It used to be called the Gettysburg Wax Museum before the name was changed. The book store in the old Visitors Center carried 900+ books; the new one is less than 400. My three books were among those cut out, much to my disappointment and a severe blow to my pocketbook, as I counted on sales from the VC to finance much of my research for future books.

    As you mentioned, the Gettysburg Magazine was also among the many victims of the decision by the new book store managers to switch to more trinkets and less books. The best place in Gettysburg to pick up back issues is the forementioned Gettysburg Goft Center, which has many individual issues for sale, including issues 37 and 28 which have articles I wrote.


  3. Hey we were there too! Twice! the boy love that store. Cost me $50.00 for hats, wooden guns and 54mm ACW figures! Iwe got there around 10 AM (enjoyed the confenderat command displays out frount. Also the AWI tent acrooss the street. We can back by after lunch around 3:30 when I got a few issues of Gettysburg Magazine. Saw the tables up from but missed you.

    You are write the gift shop/ bookstore is more gift and a lot less book. Good thing there are a few really good bookstores left. I use to buy all my ACW books from Olde Soldier books in Gahtersburg. Dave Zullo was a very nice guy. His son took over a few years back but it is not the same. Much more view graphs and WWII don’t know if they are still in business but he had the best ACW bookstore I have ever seen.

    James Mattes

    PS Will we seee you at Hcon?

  4. The place was packed, with Jeff Shaara signing copies of his many historical novels. He seems to be a nice guy. His table was next to mine until he packed up and left for dinner. I liked his Rise to Rebellion and other AWI books better than his two ACW books.

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