Are gasoline prices affecting your summer hobby travel plans?

The hobby of miniature wargaming has experienced somewhat of a revival in recent years, with many new rules sets, figure and accessory manufacturers, scenario books, hobby reference works, and other items of interest to gamers. Major conventions such as Historicon, Little Wars, Cold Wars, and Fall-In remain popular, and there does seem to be new blood in the hobby, with younger game masters. Even the venerable Origins has experienced growth in the number of historical games being presented, thanks in part to the sponsorship of HMGS-Great Lakes.

It will be interesting to see how the big summer conventions (Origins and Historicon) are affected by the skyrocketing price of gasoline and air travel. I know several gamers who are not making their annual out-of-state trek to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Amish Country this year as a result of increased expenses.

The corollary is that many gamers are paying more attention to regional conventions this year, and I would expect (and hope) that mini-conventions or regional cons such as Advance the Colors, War Party, Hurricon, and others will benefit from gamers spending money there that otherwise might have been spent at Historicon or Origins in past years.

Has the high price of gasoline affected your summer wargaming event schedule? Or, to counter the gas prices, will you still attend the conventions, but spend less at the flea markets and/or dealer halls? Or, something else such as jamming more smelly gamers into a single hotel room to cut expenses further?

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2 thoughts on “Are gasoline prices affecting your summer hobby travel plans?

  1. Larry Morris

    The high price of gas has not effected me directly in my hobby plans. The lancaster trip is 100 miles round trip. so that is an added 10 dollars to the trip. gettysburg isn’t much further.
    the problem is that the price of gas has increased the price of everything else, thus leaving me with less spare cash to spend on games.larry

  2. Our travel was mostly limited by available vacation time this year, so I was not able to go to Historicon. Earlier commitments to travel to GA, SD, and FL chewed up my time off. gas did not come into play. I did attend two Ohio Conventions and plan to go to NOWSCON in September.

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