Gettysburg 145th Anniversary Commemoration

A happy, but tired 2-year-old battlefield tramper and his ole’ dice-rollin’ grandfather spend a quiet Sunday exploring the living history encampment at the Gettysburg American Civil War Museum and Gift Center.

I spent several days driving from York to Gettysburg this past week for various events associated with the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. As previously posted, there were some very good battlewalks sponsored by the National Park Service and led by rangers. I particularly liked walks I attended featuring talks by Matt Atkinson, Eric Campbell, and Troy Harman. I did not make it out to the large reenactment (the price tag scared me away this year, despite the expected high attendance of reenactors). I did listen to some of the featured presentations in Gettysburg by authors and musicians, and spent a fair amount of time browsing the book selections in various stores and shops.

Attendance seemed quite high for the battlewalks (200+ each day) and for the downtown events on Saturday. The rain (and the final day) really dampered attendance on Sunday, which to me seemed well below normal for a summer Sunday afternoon – far fewer than on Saturday. I ran into several old friends and had a great time overall.

The next major event in Gettysburg from a gamer’s perspective, of course, is Fall-In. You should see several new fencelines by then, and the autumn tree-cutting should be well underway by then.

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