ACW Brother Against Brother wargame photos!

Erie, Pennsylvania, wargamers Eric Kessler and Stephen Huckaby played a friendly game of Brother Against Brother last weekend. BAB is my favorite set of rules for skirmish or company-level Civil War miniature wargaming, and I love the 25/28mm figure scale (although my own collection is all 15mm). (Click on the photos to bring up an enlargment.)

Here is a unit of zouaves from the 155th Pennsylvania. These are Old Glory figures that were painted by Fernando Enterprises of Sri Lanka.

The 47th Virginia Infantry marches through a mature cornfield toward a fenceline. Who knows what Yankees might lurk in that nearby pine forest? Be alert, boys! These figures are from Firing Line.

The 2nd Louisiana, another zouave unit, was also painted by Fernando Enterprises. The 25th Virginia, some more Old Glory figs, came from the capable brush of Don Capan.

A general engagement is escalating into a sharp firefight at the fence. Bring up the reserves!

It is a good thing that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it. Here are those figures who gave their last full measure of devotion on the gaming table.

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