More photos from Dennis Morris

Bigelow’s Battery in the chaos near the Peach Orchard during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Zook’s Brigade engages Kershaw’s South Carolinians in the background.

I know dioramist and Gettysburg buff Dennis Morris from a message board we both have frequented in the past,, which is among the oldest of these cyberspace Civil War communities. Dennis was kind enough to send me a few photos to be used in the upcoming Brother Against Brother gaming scenario book, Brothers Divided, that Ivor Janci and I are co-authoring.

I had previously shared some of his work with Charge! blog readers in an earlier post. Here are a few more shots of Dennis’s very impressive Gettysburg diorama, which has become his labor of love.

Brooke’s Brigade advances through farmer George Rose’s wheatfield. In the distant background is the Irish Brigade on Stony Hill as they engage the Rebels. Rose was never compensated for his losses, which included his crops, most of his fences, livestock, and other household and farm items.

George T. “Tige” Anderson’s Georgian are at the Wheatfield stone wall.

The fighting near Stony Hill was relatively brief, but exceedingly violent. Here, the Irish Brigade reaches the fenceline by the Wheatfield and the hill. Colonel Patrick Kelly’s boys had earlier received absolution from Father William Corby; now, several of them would die is the swirling vortex of fighting in this sector of the Gettysburg battlefield.

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4 thoughts on “More photos from Dennis Morris

  1. Lars Lindkvist

    I like the smoke in particular. How is it made? Is it a video effect made in a photo editor?

  2. Hello Lars!

    I believe Dennis edited the smoke into the photographs using a computer software program. His basement diorama does nto have this same smoke in other photos of the same positions taken from different angles. I am not sure which program he used, but I know other gamers / dioramists who have had success with Corel Draw to generate smoke in photographs.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Scott are you related to Don Morris by chance?

  4. No, I am not related to the Morris family.

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