An American patriot

A while back, I posted several photos of my 15mm AWI figures (and recently posted pix of Stephen Huckaby’s and Eric Kessler’s 25mm AWI game). I have long held an interest in the American Revolution because one of my ancestors participated on the American side.

My sixth-great-grandfather, Moses Mingus, was a resident of Montgomery in Orange County, New York. He enlisted in the army on March 30, 1777, and served until the spring of 1783. He was in Captain James Black’s Company in Colonel William Malcom’s regiment. This was one of sixteen regiments in the Continential Army officered by General George Washington, but it did not actually belong to the Line of any particular State. It was credited to New York.

Colonel Malcolm’s Additional Regiment mainly enlisted from Orange and Rockland counties of New York, which lie along the northern border of New Jersey, and it is probable some Jerseyans were in the regiment. The regiment was commanded for a time by Aaron Burr. It was generally understrength (as were most regiments), and rarely had more than 200 men in its ranks. Its biggest action was at the Battle of Monmouth. Most of the rest of the time it served in the Hudson Highlands and the border warfare in Westchester County NY. The regiment disbanded in the winter of 1779/80.

Mingus later served in Captain Henry Tiebout’s Company in Lieutenant Colonel Van Dyke’s regiment. He was honorably discharged by the regular order of the Board of War, signed by George Washington. He applied for a pension in Washington County, Ohio, on April 4, 1818.

Following the Revolutionary War, Moses Mingus accepted a land grant and moved to the Ohio Country frontier. He eventually settled near the intersection of what is now Athens and Morgan counties (not far from present-day Burr Oak Lake). His sons fought in the War of 1812.

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One thought on “An American patriot

  1. lee harris

    Mr Mingus,

    My dad’s side of the family is also some how related to the Mingus clan. Last fall I had a chance to see Moses & his son’s tombstones. If you want I took my digital camera and took pictures of the stones. Morbid I know, but I did it for the sake of my son so when he has history later on in his school years he can say he has family going back that far.


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