Johnny Reb Gettysburg game photos from Patrick Roovers!

The Battle of Gettysburg is refought in miniature. My first two scenario books (Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature) offer more than 20 different scenarios to refight portions of Gettysburg in regimental level. These popular books are available from Marek/Janci Design and from leading Internet gaming retailers.

I met Belgian wargamer Patrick Roovers at the 2007 Fall-In miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He stopped by to watch my Johnny Reb 3 game, along with long-time JRGS member and gamer Dennis Cunningham. Patrick was kind enough this week to send me a link to his photo gallery of a recent Johnny Reb game his group ran at their club house. Check out the photos, and pay attention to the gaming venue! These guys have a great location for their gaming efforts!

Patrick’s photo gallery.

Patrick hails from Brasschaat, Belgium, and has been wargaming for many years. He is also a contributor to Wikipedia, the largest on-line, user-contributed “wiki” encyclopedia in the world, as well as a frequent poster to The Miniatures Page.

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