Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature back in print!

The Johnny Reb Gaming Society has printed up a fresh batch of copies of our popular all-cavalry, all-Gettysburg Campaign scenario book, Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature. These scenarios are written by me in the same style I used for Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature, but because of time constraints at Marek/Janci Design (and because of the more limited interest in a cavalry scenario book), Debi and I decided to publish this booklet ourselves in the same format as the hard copy Charge! newsletter (comb-bound, digitally printed on our color laser printer, with spot color maps).

Crossed Sabers is only $15 plus postage, and includes several original scenarios for battles from the Gettysburg Campaign. There are a wide variety of types of actions, as well as varying tactical situations and terrain, and several of these scenarios are useful for small group play. A few are fine for only 2 players (or even possibly for solo play, at least as well as Johnny Reb can be played solo).

Scenarios include:

* Brandy Station (phase 1 – the fight at St. James Church)

* Brandy Station (phase 2 – the fight for Fleetwood Hill)

* Brandy Station (phase 3 – the defense of Stevensburg)

* Battle of Aldie

* Battle of Middleburg

* Skirmish at Goose Creek

* Battle of Upperville

* Skirmish at Wrightsville

* Battle of Hanover

* Battle of Hunterstown

* Buford’s defense on Day 1 of the Battle of Gettysburg

* East Cavalry Field

Also, if you have ideas for other scenarios you would like the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to look into, please send me an e-mail and we will consider them.

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One thought on “Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature back in print!

  1. Ken Skinner


    How do I order _Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature_ ?


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