Historicon 2008 – Day 1 photos

(Click on each photograph to enlarge it!)

One of the highlights of the afternoon session at the HMGS-East Historicon 2008 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a massive Fire & Fury game recreating Day 1 at Gettysburg using the classic Fire & Fury rules set. Here, the townspeople huddle in their tiny cellars as the sounds of war emanate from the west, where Buford’s cavalry have held on long enough for the I Corps to arrive.

Some gnomes or other such fantasy creatures are on the attack in this colorful game that attracted a fair amount of onlookers. They were commanded by a tiny bearded Santa wizard figure – a far cry from Robert E. Lee who commanded the troops in the first picture. Maybe Santa had more luck in his attacks than did Marse Robert?

My grandson and two sons enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the Lancaster Host watching the gaming action, browsing the flea market, and kibbitzing with some old friends.

I’ll bet this impressive looking castle that caught my eye in the Showroom of the hotel took some time and effort to construct, paint, and finish. Nice job! The picture does not do the model justice. It was sweet.

This incredibly detailed Flames of War Normandy layout really caught my grandson’s attention! Living here in south-central Pennsylvanias, he really likes to go with his grandpa out in the countryside to see the cows. The 2-year-old simply loves cows (especially the animated ones in the Hershey Chocolate World tour!!!). The tiny cattle grazing on the distant hillside really attracted him. They will soon be food for hungry miniature soldiers…

Some of Virginia gamemaster Roxanne Patton‘s 15mm Confederates await their turn to move to the front in her afternoon Civil War game.

Cemetery Hill and the red brick Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse dominate the view of the massive Fire & Fury Gettysburg layout. This, again, was much more impressive in person than in digital photography. If this scene were to be duplicated today, the gamemaster would need to add models of all those tourist traps on Cemetery Hill, the water tower, tour bus center, and the fast food joints along the Emmitsburg Road. Does anyone have a 15mm McDonald’s or Pickett’s Buffet?

Anyone you know in this photo? The Gettysburg game attracted quite a large crowd…

…including Mr. Fire & Fury himself, one of the true giants of the Civil War gaming hobby, Rich Hausenauer (in the white T-shirt with the colorful blue “Bahama” collared shirt..

An aerial shot from a miniature Bell helicopter hovering with a tiny 15mm CNN camera crew over Little Round Top and Devil’s Den at Gettysburg. I wonder if Anderson Cooper is doing the reporting on the breaking news story as tiny armies clash in the fields around Mini-Gettysburg?

Cooper’s camer crew spots a brigade of the XI Corps coming onto the scene hustling up from Emmitsburg, Maryland. By late afternoon, their reputation as the “Flying Dutchmen” will be cemented.

All in all, my sons and I, and the little guy, all had a blast today!  I am off to Chambersburg, PA, to the annual Chambersburg Civil War Seminars tomorrow, where I am one of the guest speakers Friday afternoon. I may be back to H’con on Saturday night. If so, I will post more photos then.

For a couple more photos of Historicon 2008 and additional commentary and observations on this year’s convention, click here.

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One thought on “Historicon 2008 – Day 1 photos

  1. thank you for the kind comments about our massive Gettsyburg game, Al Gaspar did the terrain, we Rogues did the armies and ran the game.

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