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It’s been perhaps the most hectic month of my life, with my daughter’s wedding last weekend, lots of faily visits, and some lengthy business trips. It’s nice to have the Labor Day weekend now to relax a little. My daughter and her husband rode out Tropical Storm Gustav on their honeymoon, but are OK. Naturally, I have had little time to wargame or blog recently.

However, here are a couple updates. Ivor Janci expects to have Volume 1 of our new Brother Against Brother scenario book (Brothers Divided: The Gettysburg Campaign in Miniature) on sale at the Fall-In convention in Gettysburg in November. I am speaking on the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, at the con, and have developed a PowerPoint presentation. If anyone has any good photos of miniature Civil War siege / trench warfare that I can use, please let me know!

Also, we are accepting articles and scenarios now for Charge! issues #21 and #22. We have a few articles already, but certainly could use some more ASAP. Please send them to me within the next 4-6 weeks if possible in time to meet our printing schedule.

Have a great weekend!

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Olympic gold for Larry Reber!

Larry converted these stock figures into this array of Native American fighters under the Rebel flag. (Click to enlarge!).

Too bad there wasn’t an Olympic Games for wargamers! Master custom figure maker Larry Reber of has struck gold again with his latest conversion effort. Inspired by a past entry on this blog, Larry went to work developing a set of Civil War Indian cavalry suitable for use for scenarios that depict the warriors of Stand Watie in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

Larry welcomes your ideas for additional creative ideas for your custom ACW wargaming armies!

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Larry Morris’s JR3 Historicon playtest – Lauffer’s Crossroads

Wow, do those hills look foreboding! Instead of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Meade should send in the U.S. Army Rangers to scale the heights. (click on each photo to enlarge it!)

Fellow Pennsylvania wargamer Larry Morris was kind enough to send me several photographs of a playtest he, Jeff Corbin, and some buddies ran in preparation for their recent Johnny Reb 3 game they ran at Historicon 2008. Larry has become of the leading JR gamemasters in the state, and his games are always fun and interesting. I unfortunately had to miss his game (and most others) this year as Historicon conflicted with a trip to Ohio, a speaking engagement at the Chambersburg Civil War seminar, and other events (I was triple booked that weekend).

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