Larry Morris’s JR3 Historicon playtest – Lauffer’s Crossroads

Wow, do those hills look foreboding! Instead of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Meade should send in the U.S. Army Rangers to scale the heights. (click on each photo to enlarge it!)

Fellow Pennsylvania wargamer Larry Morris was kind enough to send me several photographs of a playtest he, Jeff Corbin, and some buddies ran in preparation for their recent Johnny Reb 3 game they ran at Historicon 2008. Larry has become of the leading JR gamemasters in the state, and his games are always fun and interesting. I unfortunately had to miss his game (and most others) this year as Historicon conflicted with a trip to Ohio, a speaking engagement at the Chambersburg Civil War seminar, and other events (I was triple booked that weekend).

Larry and the Yellow Worm Gaming Society have been fixtures at HMGS-East conventions for several years. A long-time member of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, his games usually draw a good crowd and everyone has fun. This year, they presented Lauffer’s Crossroads, a meeting engagement between two divisions in the rugged terrain around the sleepy little crossroads hamlet. The players had to maneuver around, over, or through hills and swamps to best their opponents.

Here are some more pictures from Larry!

GeoHex was a solid innovation and a major contribution to the hobby when it was first introduced. Its geometric patterns were patented, one of the first scientifically engineered products for the hobby.

Yankees protect the farm as a column of Rebels approach.

Hills, rocky outcrops, some of Doug Kline’s custom-made streams, railroad tracks, woods — Larry’s scenario has it all!

Where are those Rangers???

Thanks, Larry, for sharing your photos with the Charge readership!

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One thought on “Larry Morris’s JR3 Historicon playtest – Lauffer’s Crossroads

  1. Larry Morris

    I just want to point out since this was a play test , we didn’t set up all the trees. The field was literally covered with tress as it was all deep woods.

    And i do love our geohex. it lasted much better than you would have thought

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