Olympic gold for Larry Reber!

Larry converted these stock figures into this array of Native American fighters under the Rebel flag. (Click to enlarge!).

Too bad there wasn’t an Olympic Games for wargamers! Master custom figure maker Larry Reber of www.gettysburgsoldiers.com has struck gold again with his latest conversion effort. Inspired by a past entry on this blog, Larry went to work developing a set of Civil War Indian cavalry suitable for use for scenarios that depict the warriors of Stand Watie in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

Larry welcomes your ideas for additional creative ideas for your custom ACW wargaming armies!

The above photo from Larry’s website shows Stand Watie’s Cherokee cavalry ready for action.

I have several of Larry’s custom pieces in my collection. Perhaps my favorites are a group of field hospital vignettes that add a lot of interest to my gaming layouts when placed at a rear lines farmstead. I also particularly  like a piece he did of photographer Mathew Brady, and one of John Burns.

Check out his website for more photos!

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2 thoughts on “Olympic gold for Larry Reber!

  1. Scott,

    If anyone was looking to recreate a Native American Union outfit Co K 1st Michigan Sharpshooters was an all indian outfit. Company K was comprised of men from the Odawa, Chippewa, and Potowatomie tribes of the lower Peninsula of Michigan.

    The 1st Michigan Sharpshooters was the first Union unit into Petersburg and had the distinction of raising their regimental flag over that city.


  2. Check out my upcoming scenario book “Frontier” from Caliver Books. I have colour photos of my “Indian” troopers in 28mm on the inside cover.

    Paul Stevenson

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