K/S Pewter???? 54mm ACW statuette

My daughter recently married a very nice young man from here in south-central Pennsylvania. His family has lived in York County since before the Confederate invasion of 1863. Recently, he was visiting his grandmother and discovered the above statuette in her house. He asked for permission to give the pewter figurine to me because of my interest in the Civil and in miniatures.

The figure is pewter and is of a mid-war generic infantryman. The base is hollow and inside is carved K/S Pewter. I have never heard of this company nor seen one of their figures before. An interest search did not reveal much on K/S, other than they seemed to be centered on the U.S. East Coast and their figures date from the 1960s. There are several other poses available, according to an eBay search, and the pricing runs between $5 and $10 per figure in today’s market.\

Do any Charge readers have more insight into K/S Pewter? When did they exist? Where were they located? How extensive was their product range? Where was it sold? What was the original retail price per figure? How were they packaged (if at all)?

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5 thoughts on “K/S Pewter???? 54mm ACW statuette

  1. Stu S

    K/S Historical Publications was located at 112 Greenwood Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Their mailing address was PO Box 155, Saddle River, NJ 07458. The made several series of pewter soldiers, pewter cannons, brass buttons, post cards, prints and other pewter items. From what I can determine from their literature, they came onto the scene in 1976.

    Most of their pewter soldiers sold retail for $6.50. Their American Bicentennial Freedom Series pewter soldiers sold for $15.00.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Excellent information, Stu!

    Thank you!

  3. robert l. gilmore III

    I have a series of their Civil War soldier postcards,that are dated on the back 1970…so they must have been extant prior to the above given date of 1976

  4. Peter veruki

    I have over 40 of these pewter pieces including canons , etc. The are boxed and in mint condition – and include the historical description of the individual figure. I would like to connect with other collectors to trade , sell , etc.

    Please email if you have an interest or know other collectors. Peter Veruki

  5. The one you have is the “private, 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry (“Bucktails”)”. The rifle is missing; it was slung over its right shoulder when sold, but easily removed.

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