The First Battle of Tristan

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Before heading to nearby Gettysburg yesterday afternoon to view the newly restored Cyclorama, I spent a delightful morning with my two-year-old grandson in his first big “Cowboys and Indians” battle. He was bedazzled by the variety of colors and poses and soon picked out a few favorite figures to be his two principal warchiefs (Spotted Eagle and Watchful Fox). As you peruse the photos, you will note these are a mixture of my old Marx, Lido, MPC Ring Hand, and Ideal figures from my childhood in the 1960s as well as more recent plastic figures from the 1980s and my sons’ youth. How many other vintage figures can you spot in this array? The fort is a mixture of pieces from Marx’s Fort Apache, Ideal’s Fort Cheyenne, Marx’s Daniel Boone / Boonesborough playset, and others, including a German-made import named Fort Independence.


The Indians mount their attack, as warriors race toward the distant U.S. Cavalry fort that shelters the refugees from several mining camps raided the previous day, as well as cowboys who have driven their herds of Texas Longhorns to the fort.

The fort’s outer defenses hold fast for awhile, as the miners and soldiers hunker down behind cover and blaze away with their pistols at the screaming Native Americans.

Inside Fort Independence, veteran Colonel Winfield Sheridan Grant rides his yellow horse around to inspire his men, and the gold miners and cowboys augment the meager troops in manning the fort’s walls. They send out a stream of lead at the charging Native Americans, who have a 3-to-1 manpower advantage.

Spotted Eagle rallies more warriors for another major push to capture the fort. My grandson had a blast setting up the layout and knocking down the figures. Now, over time to get him hooked on Johnny Reb 3 !!!

The Native Americans push forward in their final attack. The fort will fall by noon and the air will be filled with war cries.

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One thought on “The First Battle of Tristan

  1. You go, Spotted Eagle!!


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