Scott MacPhee’s 10mm Old Glory ACW forces

A colorfully painted Confederate command stand prepares to rally the troops and lead them forward in another assault on the distant Yankee line.

Scott MacPhee of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was kind enough to send me several photographs of his superbly painted and well mounted 10mm Old Glory Civil War miniature armies. Old Glory has some great poses, and they are affordable and easy to paint.

Scott, an educator by trade, maintains an interesting website that might be useful to you. Check it out here. He also has a wargaming blog. And now, on to more pictures from this veteran painter who has more than twenty years in the figure painting hobby and ten years as a miniature wargamer.

Here comes the cavalry riding to the rescue!

Stuart’s boys are in for quite a tussle, as this looks like a formidible group.

Line lines of Secesh infantry will dissuade the Union saddle soldiers from becoming too pesky.

Here is a close-up Scott provided of this tiny little command stand. I admire anyone who can paint such small figures with so much detail. Getting those white canvas straps to come out in a straight line must have been a challenge! I have trouble keeping my brush strokes steady for 15mm figures, and he’s doing a masterful job on 10mm! I salute you, Scott.

Keep up the good work! And, by the way, I particularly have a fond spot for educators. Your service is admirable. My oldest son is a college history professor and his wif eis finishing her certificate to terach high school.

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One thought on “Scott MacPhee’s 10mm Old Glory ACW forces

  1. Very nicely done figures. I’m surprised he does shading at that scale. But heck I do too, just not on the faces. I use a wash instead.

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