More ACW photos from Day 1 of Fall-In 2008


{click on each photo to enlarge it)

Civil War author, tour guide, wargamer, and blogger Scott L. Mingus, Sr. presents a PowerPoint presentation on the “Siege of Petersburg” on Friday night at the annual Fall-In miniature wargaming convention, sponsored by HMGS-East.


Gamers enjoy the action during the 2008 Featherstone Cup during Fall-In. This is an open competition among teams of Fire & Fury players. John Snead hosted the event.

Here are a couple more photos taken of the other Featherstone Cup teams in action on adjacent tables:




The following photograph is a general view of one of the main gaming rooms at the Eisenhower Conference Center. The crowds were much thicker than the afternoon session. I was babysitting my grandson and missed the morning games, and then was signing my books at various Gettysburg bookstores, so I did not make it to Fall-In until 2 p.m. or so. There were a couple ACW games I missed, as well as a naval game of the Battle of Charleston Harbor that looked sweet, but I forgot to take a picture.


The next photo shows long-time New York Johnny Reb wargamers P. J. O’Neill and George Miksad as they peruse the gaming action at the Ike. For me, it’s renewing old friendships that makes the HMGS conventions so much fun.


And finally for this batch of photos, here is a 54mm Civil War game…


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