Photographs of Civil War games at Fall-In 2008


Eric Schlegel of the HAWKS presented a 15mm Johnny Reb 2 game entitled “Caldwell Clears the Wheatfield” based upon the attack of John C. Caldwell’s II Corps division on Confederate positions in and around the Rose Wheatfield on day 2 of the Battle of Gettysburg.

My son Tom and I spent the day at Fall-In 2008 at the Eisenhower Conference Center at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Attendance in the afetrnoon was rather sparse, but by nightfall had picked up considerable and gaming rooms were filled with folks busily rolling dice and shoving lead. I took a few photos of various Civil War games, as well as some of the gamers of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.



Doug Kline, owner of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, pauses from interacting with customers to stand beside some of his many products of interest to Civil War miniature wargamers. Doug also owns the Johnny Reb Gaming Company.


Doug’s new products include a line of bocage for World War II miniature wargaming of Normandy scenarios.


While not directly a Civil War scenario, I was struck by this unusual game, the Siege of Reno Hill during the Battle of Little Big Horn in the Dakota Country in June 1876. Two former Civil War officers, Marcus Reno and Frederick Benteen, played prominent roles in this hillside encounter.


Virginia gamemaster Roxanne Patton presented a 15mm brigade-level Battle of Atlanta in miniature using the venerable Fire & Fury rule set. Will James McPherson live this time around?


Another shot of Roxanne’s Friday afternoon game. Modern day Atlantans would certainly not recognize the terrain, as the Atlanta battlefield has long been swallowed up by urban sprawl.

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