Jim Kopchak’s Civil War Commander game at Fall-In 2008


Bristoe Station, Virginia, in miniature.

Jim Kopchak is an old friend of mine from my days living in the greater Cleveland area. He drove out to the Fall-In wargaming convention at Gettysburg to present a 15mm wargame using his new Civil War Commander rules set. The rules are becoming increasingly popular, and Jim has had inquiries from as far away as Ireland. The rules are simple and easy to learn, and are perfect for conventions or gaming clubs, as well as for a group of buddies playing a casual game at home.


Jim’s game was a scenario based upon one of George Anderson’s JR3 scenarios for the August 27, 1862, battle near Bristoe Station.


Another view of the rural crossroads near Bristoe Station. McClellan was making a retrograde movement from the Peninsula to join John Pope’s army , but Stonewall Jackson moved quickly to intercept the movement. Joe Hooker’s Union I corps moves north toward Manassas Junction and by mid-afternoon was only two miles from Bristoe Station. Off in the distance, he spotted a long line of Rebs in shallow trenches south of the railstop. He orders the attack…

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