Saturday ACW naval game at Fall-In 2008


E. J. and Jesse Nash of HAWKS presented a 10mm naval wargame of the “First Breakout from the Stalemate, Trent’s Reach 1865.” Union ironclads prepare to defend U.S. Grant’s supply depot and prevent oncoming Rebels from cutting off isolated part’s of Grant’s forces.


Rebel ironclads prepare to steam down the James River to break Grant’s army into three parts and destroy its supply base. E. J. and Jesse were using the Iron & Fire rules set.

Aren’t these great 10mm ship models?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday ACW naval game at Fall-In 2008

  1. Thanks for the compliment and published pictures šŸ™‚
    I would also like to thank Jim Brokaw and Old Glory age of ironclads for the models. Jim was at the game and was nice enough to provide the winner a free ironclad kit.

  2. Joel Salmons

    The game was great as the models and it was a lot of fun to play.

  3. Mike Davis

    I have seen lots of ironclad games played but this is truely unique due to the easy record keeping of having the plexiglass board right under the ironclad!
    While great for record keeping, doesent it give your opponent a edge to know how bad off you really are? Does that affect gameplay at all?
    Mike d

  4. Anonymous

    no real affect that I could see. As both sides see it, the advantage if any is cancelled out. It does keep things honest as you can’t fudge your speed, damage, fire arcs, etc. The only issue it creates is that I need to re-base them if I want to change rules.

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