Chantilly scenario


One-armed Phil Kearny was among the most promising generals in the Union Army at the time of the Northern Virginia Campaign in the summer of 1862. He was killed during the Battle of Chantilly, a rain-soaked fight near Jermantown (or Germantown), Virginia. Stonewall Jackson’s men fended off attacks by elements of two Union infantry corps, killing Kearny as well as Maj. Gen. Isaac Stevens, the former Governor of the Washington Territory.

One of my Johnny Reb 3 scenarios that has proven popular over the years is my interpretation of the 1862 battle of Chantilly, which won awards at Origins, at a couple HMGS conventions, and some smaller venues. I originally developed this as a Johnny Reb 2 scenario back in the 1990s when I lived near Cleveland, Ohio. I modified it to JR3 and have played this 5-6 times over the years. Here is a photo of one rendition of this game (I think this was from Origins or Cold Wars a few years back).



I needed to make or buy a lot more cornfield squares for this scenario! The large cornfield on the Reid farm played a prominent role in the battle of Chantilly (also known as the battle of Ox Hill).


Here is a view looking north toward the Confederate lines. this roughly correlates to the terrain map for this scenario for Chantilly.


This view was taken facing south from Ox Hill, looking toward the farm and oncoming Union IX corps brigades.

Here is the Chantilly scenario, order of battle, objectives, victory conditions, terrain map, etc.

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One thought on “Chantilly scenario

  1. Jim Korten

    Very nice table top. Those woods on the Federal right flank look great, as does the farm and its environs.

    How did you play the Tigers in the CSA center ? Looks like one large unit maybe ? Or did you keep each undersized regiment separate ?

    Thanks for the free scenario with New Jersey’s most famous ACW general. Look forward to trying it.

    Jim Korten

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