Model diorama of 1863 Gettysburg train station


Photograph from the Gettysburg Daily. To read the complete post of this Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide, please follow this link.

The old Gettysburg Railroad depot on Carlisle Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was restored a few years ago and now is a free museum and visitors center open to the public. Inside are several dsiplay cases with artifacts and interpretive markers, as well as a couple very nicely done models / dioramas of what the train station looked like in 1863. The diorama shown above is the centerpiece. The open area to the left of the station was filled with temporary hospital tents from July 7 through July 22 as a minimum of two trains of patients left each day  (9 a.m. and 4 p.m.) for Hanover Junction and then to Baltimore, New York City, Harrisburg, or here to my hometown, York, Pennsylvania.

Here is a modern view of the restored Gettysburg train station, which in 1863 was the western terminus of the Gettysburg Railroad. Photo courtesy of the Gettysburg Convention and Tourism Center.


For a contempory description of the temporary aid station at the train deport in July 1863, see my post on my Cannonball blog. A volunteer worker posted a very good account of her environs in an old 1863 newspaper article.

In the next few weeks, I will be posting some photos of other Gettysburg-area dioramas, including an old classic diorama that used to grace the Charlie Weaver Museum. It’s now in a relics shop.

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