Some random photos of my 15mm games


A lonely Confederate supply wagon traverses the back roads of York County, Pennsylvania, during the Gettysburg Campaign. From a 15mm Civil War diorama created by Scott Mingus. This county was criss-crosssed by foragers from three separate Confederate operations in June 1863 — Albert Jenkins’ cavalry in northwestern York on June 26-28, then Jubal Early’s powerful division in central York County on June 27-30, and finally, on June 30-July1, by J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry en route to Carlisle in the western, central and northwestern parts of the county.

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Union infantry marches through Hanover, Pennsylvania, en route to Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. The V Corps was warmly greeted by the populace, which the day before had experienced the Battle of Hanover fought in the town’s main streets.


Union columns deploy for action in this wargame fought in my gaming room in my house in a subdevelopment located on an old Civil War-era farm near York, Pennsylvania.


The old farm where I live was visited by Confederate cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign, who were seeking fresh horses to replace their played-out mounts they had brought from Virginia.

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