When you wargame…

given a choice in commanders for your little lead alloy warriors, which general in each pair would you prefer to be for the day, and why? Which was more effective in real life?

1) Hancock or Early?

2) Forrest or Kilpatrick?

3) Jackson or Sherman?

4) Lee or Grant?

5) Sickles or Polk?

6) Custer or Hampton?

7) Horatio Wright or Ambrose Wright?

8. Longstreet or “Pap” Thomas?

9) Cleburne or McPherson?

10) Kirby Smith or Nathaniel Banks?

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2 thoughts on “When you wargame…

  1. 1) Hancock
    2) Forrest
    3) Jackson
    4) Lee
    5) Polk
    6) Hampton
    7) Horatio
    8) Longstreet
    9) Cleburne
    10) Smith

  2. Jim

    J. Longstreet, a.k.a. The Bull of the Woods.

    Second, behind R.E. Lee.


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