28mm Pickett’s Charge diorama at the old Cyclorama Center


For the last couple of years that the old Cyclorama building was in use at the Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the lobby was graced by a large and quite impressive Civil War diorama of Pickett’s Charge. Constructed and painted by a local hobbyist in Gettysburg, the collection is no longer on public display. However, Larry Reber of Gettysburg Soldiers took a few photos to memorialize this now defunct diorama. Here are some of Larry’s photos.


The diorama shows the attack of Pickett’s / Pettigrew’s / Trimble’s assault columns on the Union II Corps lines along Cemetery Ridge, from the Abraham Brian (Brien, Bryan) house wouthward to the Vermont brigade’s position. Here, the Rebel line has refused to meet a Union flanking move.


A spectacular photograph of the swirled fighting near the Copse of Trees as part of Armistead’s Brigade penetrates the Union line. Note the hundreds and hundreds of hand-painted 25mm and 28mm figures.


Union troops swarm to meet the Rebel threat on the center as the intense fighting nears its climatic moments.

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13 thoughts on “28mm Pickett’s Charge diorama at the old Cyclorama Center

  1. Jim Lamason


    I was just thinking about this.. Does any one know what happened to it?

  2. Noel

    Fantastic stuff! Never got a chance to see this, so thanks, as always, for documenting the history of a fascinating genre.

  3. Ghost6

    Wish I had known it was there!! Where are the figures now?

  4. Hey I think I see my great great uncle. Amazing.

  5. Stephen Rice


    I constructed this diorama and it is now on display at Mott’s Military Museum in Columbus, Ohio.
    I donated the diorama to Mr. Mott’s when I was told that there wa no room for the diorama at the new visitor’s center.

  6. That is very sad they had no room

    was it a 1:1 scale?

    It really looks awesome!!

  7. Jerzy Urbanowicz

    Teren już kiedyś chwaliłem. Teraz widzę już wspaniałą bitwę. Wielka rzecz. Jestem zachwycony. Pozdrowienia od modelarza z Gubina. Polska Was ogląda. Jerzy Urbanowicz.

  8. Tom

    Does anyone know what the most accurate Pickett’s Charge war game would be called? I’m looking for a historically accurate and highly detailed map and unit descriptions in strength, etc. Or does anyone know who’s considered the leading expert on the charge that could give me exact movements and timing of the units advance?

    Any help would be hugely helpful. It’s a history project we hope will spark the interest in some kids down here who have a very limited knowledge of US history.


  9. Tom,

    Pick up a copy of George Stewart’s book on Pickett’s Charge. It’s old but still in print I believe. It’s a microhistory which is fantastic in its details.

  10. Gabe

    Yes I would love to get some actual historically accurate Gettysburg or at least civil war games

  11. Mary Graff

    I remember it well, that and the bleachers you would sit on while the different lights clicked on marking the various skirmishes.

  12. Howard

    Do not get rid of history

  13. Tom

    They shall not be forgotten

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