Some more from master dioramist Dennis Morris


New York hobbyist Dennis Morris has just completed another section of his massive diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg. Here is a view of the Union defenses on Little Round Top, looking toward embattled Devil’s Den.


Charles Hazlett’s men hand pull a quartet of guns onto the crest of Little Round Top. Hazlett would be killed in action. He was a resident of my hometown, Zanesville, Ohio, and is buried not far from some of my family.


Dennis Morris does magificent work, doesn’t he?


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4 thoughts on “Some more from master dioramist Dennis Morris

  1. Scott,

    This is certainly “magnificent work”.

    I’m really enjoying this diorama series. This one was nearly breath taking!


  2. Scott After viewing Denis Morris display I am truly awed by the artistic mastery in his work.As a beginner in diorama I can only be inspired for a future project.Doug S.

  3. Always like to see other peoples works. Very good indeed. If you go to my web site you can have a look at my diorama of Gettysburg. After viewing should you like to comment I would like to hear from you. My new works include the alamo, custers last stand and my next large diorama the charge of the light brigade. Best regards, stuart.

  4. David Moody

    Scott, wonderful what you are doing here. You noted you are from Zanesville, I live there now and our organization (Muskingum County Civil War Association, Inc)is in the process of replacing Lt. Charles Edward Hazlett’s gravestone along with his brother’s Capt. John Caldwell Hazlett. Continued success in this endeaver.

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