54mm Gettysburg diorama from Doug Steinmann


An overview of Doug Steinmann’s 54mm diorama of the southern part of the Gettysburg battlefield.

When I was a kid growing up in the hill country of southeastern Ohio, some of my favorite moments were recreating battle scenes with my collection of 54mm Marx, Timm Mee, Lido, and MPC toy soldiers. I particularly enjoyed the battle / terrain maps that appeared in one of my books on the Civil War, as they had drawings of tiny little soldiers attacking one another’s positions. I would spend hours setting up my figures to generally match those maps. I think it was there that I first developed a love for Civil War dioramas, as well as for what later became my wargaming passion. My buddies and I would spend hours refighting battles, and I created some smaller vignettes in shoe boxes with miniature terrain, hand-made fences, hand-drawn backgrounds, etc.

Charge reader Doug Steinmann submitted a series of photographs of his 54mm diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg that he recently created. I selected a few of these pix to give our readers some idea of the large number of figures that went into  this project. Have a look!


Joe Kershaw’s South Carolina brigade advances through the Rose Farm. To their right, “Tige” Anderson’s Georgians head for the Wheatfield, and to the left are the Mississippians of former U.S. Congressman William Barksdale, who will not survive the action.


Hood and McLaws attack across the Emmittsburg Road. They were supposed to be attacking “up the Emmittsburg Road,” but with Hood’s wounding at the Bushman Farm, they drifted eastward toward the Union line on Houck’s Ridge.


Anderson’s men reach the stone wall at the southwestern end of Rose’s wheatfield. The famed Irish Brigade counterattacks from Stony Hill.


Union troops and artillery on Little Round Top stop the Rebel advance as reinforcements arrive and turn onto the Wheatfield Road. In the distance to the upper left are Devil’s Den and Houck’s Ridge.

My compliments to Doug for sharing these photos of this ambitious project! 

These pix inspire me to get out my old toy soldiers and set up something with my grandson (do you remember the First Battle of Tristan from the old Wild West, a victory by Spotted Eagle and his warriors??? Now, it’s time to expose my grandson to the hypothetical Battle of Mingus Farm in the Civil War!)  It’s time to run into my basement gaming storing room and get out the boxes so Tristan can enjoy setting up the “little soljers.”

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One thought on “54mm Gettysburg diorama from Doug Steinmann

  1. Scott thank you for posting my diorama it is quite a compliment to have you view them.It was my pleasure to share them with you and other readers.Doug.

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