The impending Battle of Mingus Mills in 15mm


A few of you who read my recent post on My Wargaming Room asked for more photographs of the layout for my annual Christmas holiday season Johnny Reb 3 Civil War showdown against my two sons. Here are a few more pix from closer toward the miniature tabletop itself.






More to come in the future!!!

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5 thoughts on “The impending Battle of Mingus Mills in 15mm

  1. Are there any beginner-level Civil War board games? I’m a neophyte when it comes to these games, though I’ve been studying the ACW for many years. Thanks for the help?

  2. Joe LePard

    If you can find Avalon Hill’s Gettysburg game from 1988(?) this is a good game with very few rules.

  3. Joe LePard


    Thanks for the reminder of playing your holiday game. I’ve been able to play a scenario every couple of years with my daughter and nephews.

  4. Another good beginner game is Battle Cry by Avalon Hill. I bought a copy for my son a few years ago. Easy to learn, and it has scenarios for several introductory battles.

  5. Idler203

    Scott, I think you need to go further and give us a map and orbat for Mingus Mills and some idea of which son tends to win

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