What’s your favorite 15mm ACW cavalry manufacturer?


The 15mm ACW cavalry figures above were part of a very large collection I purchased many, many years ago on eBay or from Bartertown; I don’t recall which. I sold off the infantry and artillery, and kept the cavalry and several nice supply wagons, as well as marines and a naval brigade. I think these may be old Heritage Confederettes, but I really don’t know for sure. I also have cavalry from Essex and Old Glory, as well as a few scattered figures from other makers. The ones in the photo above have corresponding dismounted figures and horseholder stands.

What is your favorite ACW 15mm (or 25mm, for that matter) manufacturer of mounted cavalry figures, and why?

And, do you prefer to paint separate horses and riders and then glue them together, or do you like the kind above, where it’s all one single molded sculpture?

Do you use horseholders and horse figures? Do  they play a role in your favorite rules, or are they strictly decorative?

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5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite 15mm ACW cavalry manufacturer?

  1. Great looking terrain – very impressive! My favourite 15mm ACW cavalry (and infantry) figures have to be the ones designed by Anthony Barton and now sold by Eureka Miniatures. I always paint my riders and horses separately which I guess is a bit dumb because I end up painting stuff I will never see (I have the same problem with ancients where I spend just as much time painting the bit that will be covered by the shield as I do the rest of the figure!). I have horse holder bases for my ACW army (1/300th Union) but they are just decorative in my house rules…


  2. Peter Pig for the animation of the figures, and the quality of the casts…

    W.r.t cavalry – I don’t mind, as even when they’re sold separately I still glue them together before painting… :o)

  3. Joe LePard

    I prefer the horses and man as one casting. I can never get the riders to fit well on the horse when they are in 2 parts.

  4. AB figures for 15mm/18mm scale! Renowned sculptor Anthony Barton creates the most anatomically accurate Horses of any scale. I have become reluctant to paint anything but AB.
    Scott, your Native American Reb Cavalry are AB figures.

    With our own Gettysburg Soldiers ACW rules, the dismounted cavalry are based with their mounts, rather than separate horseholder stands. Makes it easy to recognize dismtd cav rather than infantry figures at a glance.

  5. Most of my figures are Stone Mountain although I have some of other manufacturers.

    I always glue on then paint my Cav because I am concerned about adhesion and feel the paint will come lose (on the saddle). This may just be a hold-over form my palstic figure paintng though. I have horseholder figures that I use with dismounted cav.

    Most recently I’ve been in the middle of painting Cav to play some of Scott’s Crossed Sabers Sceanrios.

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