10mm ACW from Andy Mac


One of the very best figure painters around these days is English wargamer and hobbyist Andy MacDonald-Rice, or Andy Mac as he prefers. Here are some examples of his recent entry into painting 10mm Civil War figures. This is the 1st Maryland (CSA) Infantry. Note the incredible attention to detail for 10mm figures! The wounded and dying soldiers add a vignette feel to the individual stands, and the static grass and ground basing is superbly done. Check out these closeups!


Aren’t these wee warriors incredibly well painted, expecially for 10mm? I painted some 10mm GHQ Rebellion figures a few years ago and , although I was pleased by them, they weren’t anywhere close to this level of quality. Note the drum! It’s even shadowed.


The 1st Maryland was formed by 800 pro-Confederacy men who slipped into Virginia from Maryland following the state’s decision not to secede from the Union. These volunteers eventually were organized into a regiment in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States (PACS). They served at the First Battle of Manassas, and then under Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862.


The 1st Maryland served under Bradley Johnson, who was later to become a brigadier general in the C.S. Army. The original 1st Maryland mustered out at Gordonsville, Virginia, on August 17, 1863, following the expiration of its term of service. Many of the men reenlisted in what eventually became the 2nd Maryland Infantry and served for the duration of the war.

For photos of Andy Mac’s superb 10mm 9th Virginia Infantry, please CLICK HERE!

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7 thoughts on “10mm ACW from Andy Mac

  1. Jeez, those are BEAUTIFUL. I would kill for a big army of those chaps!

    Bang up job!

  2. freddie harrison

    I like your site and im interested in 10mm acw.
    but who makes those figures in your photos?
    where do you get the casualty figs?

  3. Hi Freddie,

    Thanks for your interest. The infantry and casualty figures are by Minifigs, the command is a mixture of Minifigs and Pendraken. Pendraken produce standard bearers with no pre moulded flags or staffs, this allows you to use your own flags and wire. I use 15mm flags from Redoubt Enterprises. The only draw back is that not all headdress types are covered by Pendraken so the two standard bearers and drummer for the 7th Wisconsin have had head swaps with Minifigs to give them Hardees.

    Hope this answers your questions?

    I will be doing some AWI units next after which I will be returning the ACW with some more Iron Brigade units.

    All the best

    Andy Mac

  4. C Bailey

    Brilliant Andy.

    I have been wrestling over what 10mm manufacturer to use for my first forays into ACW at this scale, and your fantastic work has sealed my decision!
    Im also going to change my plans from using 40x20mm bases to use 40x30mm so I can nick your idea and put in some casualty figs to give a more vignette style to the bases.

  5. Stephen Geisinger

    What is the basing for 10 mm JR3?

  6. Stephen, I have seen several JR 3 players use 3/4×3/4 as their base stand for 10mm figures, although I know a couple who use 5/8.

  7. noah Kaufman

    Would Stephen Geisinger please drop a line to his old comrades in the 4th Chapter of the 375th Local – and the chain of command in his old operating unit-acco- requested to know that he is hale and hearty.

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