Crossed Sabers all-cavalry scenario book on sale!


The Johnny Reb Gaming Society publishes an all-cavalry scenario book entitled Crossed Sabers:  Cavalry on the Road to Gettysburg. It consists of more than a dozen scenarios for Johnny Reb 3 from the Gettysburg Campaign, including several from Brandy Station, as well as Upperville, Aldie, Middleburg, Gettysburg’s East Cavalry Field, the Battle of Hanover, etc. It’s only $15 postpaid right now for the next 2 weeks. Place your orders now! Send an e-mail to for ordering details.


Confederate cavalry under Fitzhugh Lee charges Union cavalry at the July 3, 1863, Battle of Gettysburg in what later became known as East Cavalry Field. Lee’s charge would be met by a counter-charge by Michigan troopers under newly appointed Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer.


Cavalry battles in the streets of Upperville, Virgina, one of the original regimental-level wargaming scenarios from the Gettysburg Campaign that is included in Crossed Sabers.


Confederate and Union cavalry battle it out on the Karle Forney farm during the June 30, 1863, Battle of Hanover in southwestern York County, Pennsylvania. Forney filed an extensive damage claim after the war for battle damages to his property, as well as for costs incurred by Judson Kilpatrick’s Union troopers briefly camping on the farm, which was off Frederick Street.

Order your own copy of Crossed Sabers now! A service for wargamers by the international Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

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One thought on “Crossed Sabers all-cavalry scenario book on sale!

  1. Billy DiGiulio

    Good Morning Scott,

    Do you still have copies of Crossed Sabers: Gettysburg in Miniature for sale? Our group has finally collected enough ACW cavalry to start playing some all cav scenarios! Let me know when you get a free minute.

    Billy DiGiulio

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