Brothers Divided scenario book to debut at Little Wars


25mm figures by Andy MacDonald-Rice, one of the most talented figure painters I have ever encountered.

My new skirmish-level Civil War miniature wargaming scenario book, Brothers Divided: Skirmishes in the Gettysburg Campaign, will make its debut at Little Wars 2009 this weekend in the greater Chicago area. Scale Creep Miniatures had planned to be actively selling the books in the convention’s dealer area, but the lousy weather here in southern Ohio (where I am on business this week) has prevented Mark Severin from making it up to Illinois. The Last Square may have copies for sale, or see Ivor Janci of Marek/Janci Design, who will have a sales sheet with ordering information.


Internet orders will be taken later in February. For those gamers in the Gettysburg area, send me an e-mail and I will have some copies available myself, or you can pick them up at John Zabawa‘s fine store Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers on Steinwehr Avenue after Saturday. I plan to drop off a few copies to John then.


Brothers Divided is a planned two-part series of original scenarios based upon the Gettysburg Campaign. This first volume covers some of the opening skirmishes at the beginning of the campaign, including several fights in the Loudoun Valley of Virginia during the actions between J.E.B. Stuart and Alfred Pleasonton, including Thoroughfare Gap, Ewell’s Church, and Goose Creek / Rectorville.  Elijah White‘s raid on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad depot at Point of Rocks, Maryland, is included, as well as his raid on Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania, and his attack on the Union militia at Marsh Creek in Gettysburg on June 26, 1863 (the latter two are adapted by my newly printed book on White’s raids and John Gordon‘s infantry operations the week before Gettysburg — contact me for details on ordering that book, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863).


Doesn’t Andy Mac do magnificent work???? I couldn’t paint that well if I took an entire month to try to paint a single figure. He’s one of the very best in the world in my opinion.

The other scenarios in Volume 1 of Brothers Divided include cavalry actions at airfield, Pennsylvania, on June 21, 1863, and at nearby Muddy Run. Volume 2 should be on sale later this year to complete the series. It will include small unit actions from the Battle of Gettysburg, including storming the Bliss Farm (based upon author, guide, and wargamer Woody Christ‘s outstanding book on that action), the 73rd Ohio’s skirmish (where President Richard M. Nixon‘s grandfather was killed), the Louisiana Tigers’ entry into Gettysburg, the U.S. Regulars’ July 4 probing action, and others.

Ivor and I are excited to bring the Brother Against Brother gaming community this series of scenario books, which are written in the same style as our very popular comparable series for regimental-level Johnny Reb 3 gamers — Enduring Valor and Undying Courage.

Here’s a link to some photos of a Brother Against Brother game being played in Erie, Pennsylvania, by my old friend Stephen Huckaby and Eric Kessler.

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8 thoughts on “Brothers Divided scenario book to debut at Little Wars

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  2. BEGUIN Bruno

    Hello Scott L.MINGUS
    I would like to know how I can get myself your complement BROTHER DIVIDED and at what price?
    I have an account PAYPAL!! And I am an ardent supporter of the rule BROTHERS AGAINTS BROTHERS Looking forward to an answer of your part
    Greetings BEGUIN Bruno
    PS:Sorry for my english

  3. Hello Bruno!

    The Brothers Divided scenario book is available through Marek/Janci Design of Wheaton, Illinois. I will put you in contact with them.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello scott, i would like to know if you are working about a volume 2 of brothers divided, i have got the 1 and will be start to play on my club this years.

  5. Hi Frantz!

    I submitted it to Marek/Janci Design a couple of years ago, but they have not yet published it.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank’s for your answer. I’m french and i play some time to bab, this years, we want with some friends play all the scenario of the volume 1.

  7. Carlos


    Please, any chance for getting these books? Thank you.

  8. Hi Carlos! The first volume is long out of print and the second one was never issued. Contact the publisher, Marek/Janci Design, to express your interest in a reprint.

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