Some more photos of Stuart Le Crerar’s massive Civil War diorama


A few months ago, I wrote briefy about one of the largest Civil War dioramas in North America, a Canadian effort with 31,000 HO scale figures from Italari and Imex, with a few vintage Arifix figures mixed in for variety. The massive diorama was created by Alberta-based Stuart Le Crerar and the Medicine Hat Miniature Model Association (MHMMA), with figure alteration and customization done by Neil Olyott.

Stuart left a comment on this blog notifying the Charge! blog readership that he since has created new dioramas of the Alamo and Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn. His latest effort is the Charge of the Light Brigade, an assault made famous in the classic poem of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


Confederates cross the Emmitsburg Road during the climatic action at the Battle of Gettysburg – Pickett’s Charge (perhaps more precisely termed the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Assault). It’s amazing to consider how many hours must have went into this massive diorama, which I’m sure the photos cannot truly represent the scale and enormity of this effort.


Union cavalry thunders into position down a dirt country road into position. Note the background terrain and layout. If I am ever in Alberta on business, I would love to see this impressive diorama first-hand.  While not yet on public display, it can be viewed through private arrangements directly with Stuart. The diorama cost an estimated $60,000, some of which was underwritten by a series of sponsors and donors, both corporate and individual.


Look at all the miniature figures in this shot! The Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse crowns Cemetery Hill in this section of the MHMMA’s Battle of Gettysburg diorama.

Stuart Le Crerar invites gamers and dioramists to visit MHMMA’s website for more photos and background information!

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One thought on “Some more photos of Stuart Le Crerar’s massive Civil War diorama

  1. must have a lot of time on your hands. but cool. i have some but not like this….. wow

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