John Zabawa’s Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers


John Zabawa is the proprietor of one of the coolest stores in all of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Among the tourist traps, trinket shops, and souvenir stands, John’s store stands out as a MUST SEE for any wargamers, diorama enthusiasts, miniaturists, or Civil War toy soldier buffs.  With plans to expand in the future, his store will get even better and better as the years progress!


Gettysburg Group Reservations recently vacated a part of the building adjacent to John’s toy soldier shop, offering potential for possible future expansion for Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers, which  is located on the popular Steinwehr Avenue strip, at the intersection with Taneytown Road. This site in 1863 figured in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Let’s take a virtual tour of Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers – a mini-paradise for gamers and figure collectors!!!


Look at all those goodies!!! I could go broke rather easily at this small, but totally packed store!


John uses every available space, floor to ceiling, for his massive array of merchandise.


All periods, all wars, all types of figures are available. The store offers a selection from 54mm plastic toy soldiers to higher priced, but gorgeous high quality, limited edition collector pieces.


I loved toy soldiers when I was a kid, and still have all my Marx, Timmee, Lido, MPC, Ideal, etc. figures that I played with in a sandbox out in my Dad’s apple orchard. I remember buying some bags of Marx WWII Japanese, Russians, and Germans at the Jupiter discount store in Zanesville, Ohio. John sells a nice selection of modern toy soldier figures.


Here’s a portion of John’s miniature wargaming section, with a heavy focus on 15mm metal alloy figures. He has on occasion hosted miniature wargaming sessions outside of his shop in nice weather. At times, he has 15mm painted ACW figures for sale as well.

Conte, King and Country,  St. Petersburg, Wm. Britains, Musket Miniatures – the list of John’s merchandise is diverse and impressive. If you are planning to visit Gettysburg this year, make sure to see the new Gettysburg Visitors Center ($7.50 admission), the Artillery Ridge HO scale Gettysburg diorama, and then Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers.

Oh yeah, there’s also a battlefield you could explore if you have any time left!

Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers

200 Steinwehr Ave
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 338-1800

For several photos of John’s in-store dioramas and vignettes, please click HERE and HERE.

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22 thoughts on “John Zabawa’s Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers

  1. Jim

    I think I’ll have to stop there the next time I’m in town. It does look fantastically dangerous to the wallet.

  2. One of my favorite stores…more fun per square inch than a clown car.

    Great coverage of a real asset to the toy soldier community.


  3. Tristan

    Hello, sorry i’m french so i don’t speak american very well.
    My question is
    do he has a web shop ?
    because i live in france and i don’t go to america.

  4. kenn trotter

    Gettysburg miniatures is awsome! one of the best stores in the country hands down!! John and his son are always polite and knoledgeable, quite willing to answer questions and share history. I bring my family there and we realy enjoy the whole experience!! Thanks to john and his son “i think his name is john also” for the great atmospher and servise! good job guys!! keep it up!!!

  5. any 14th Brooklyn at the house?

  6. Hector Robinson

    I live in Chambersburg and i go to Gettysburg all the time and yet i never stop in to see this store i never knew about it, but you can beleave i will stop by the next time i’m in town.

  7. hello john,
    I bought a great deal of toy soldiers off john over the last few years. John has always treated me kind in regards to selling me his products. john will work with you when buying several items. I have also gotten a great deal of tips from john, and his buddies on how to paint and maintain toy soldiers. In the next few weeks i will most likely be stopping by again in order to buy some more painting products b/c i am working on a rev. war senerio now. thanks john, respectfully daniel

  8. Augustus Gilchrist

    I bought a good deal of Old Glory ACW there, it really is a great store

  9. Anonymous

    been there and done bought the store, at least thats what they told me, they are the best guys to work with and treat you like a king. If they dont have it for you they will get it. If your into toys soldiers give them a look see

  10. Butch Owens

    Great shop and both John and John Jr are great guys,I would say 80 % of my collection has come from the shop.My best friend Tony and I make the trip 3 or 4 times a year,we just make a day of it.It is great that our wives understand how much we enjoy our toy soldiers..

  11. Me facinan este tipo de juguetes para coleccionar podrian mandarme la direccion de la tienda para poder comprar

  12. Hola Wilfredo. The store’s website is at

    John Zabawa
    200 Steinwehr Ave
    Gettysburg, PA 17325

    Phone: (717) 338-1800

  13. Tom Hiller

    John is a great guy and i LOVE to visit his store. The expansion to the new area is great, staring at items in tiny photos on the net is one thing. Getting to see them in the shop is so cool. All times periods available. Tom Hiller

  14. Butch Owens

    You are so right , one of the best shops in Gettysburg, Pa. stop everytime I go up

  15. Joe Ries

    Never been there but now I really want to!

  16. Anonymous

    John your store is my favorite stop every time I come to Gettysburg and I was so glad to see you have expanded ..

  17. A. R.

    I am selling my vintage Marx, MPC & Tim Mee army men and play sets. I am located in California and will ship some of them please contact for pictures & prices.

  18. Hi, john helped me get all of conte’s alamo figures, I now have all the alamo sets and thanks to john they are set up in my garage. I have not seen him in a while because I moved to South Carolina, But I will be there this week. I can’t wait!

  19. rudy

    I’ll have to stop by on my next bands tour. I will end up dropping a mint there.

  20. Josh becker

    I’ve met John and have been a proud customer at his store gettysburg miniature toy solider shop never disappoints if your looking for high quality soldiers and great advice on how to paint our soliders John is your man

  21. wilfredo almeida

    me gustan mucho estas figuras me podrian mandar la direccion a ver como puedo comprar

  22. Will Anderson

    I have yet to find a ‘President’s set’ of 28mm Metal figures (having been looking for several years now), – one which would include Davis, Stephens & Lincoln etc, Most of the more famous ‘Generals’ are available, but not the leading politicians, which I think would make a bonus to any wargaming scenario. Can anyone help with this one. I live in Birkenhead, Wirral, UK (where the 290 / Enrica / C.S.S.Alabama was built locally at Lairds Shipyard)..

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