Some beautiful 10mm figures from Andy Mac!!!


Check these out for some sweet-looking figures!!! Andy Mac is back with more of his meticulously painted miniature wargaming figures, including 10mm American War of Independence (AWI)!

Click HERE to view his photobucket slideshow!

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3 thoughts on “Some beautiful 10mm figures from Andy Mac!!!

  1. Cheers for posting this Scott, the pictures are of the figure variants found in packs AWA01 -AWA11 from Pendrakens 10mm AWI range.

    The next images will be of their German figures followed by their British Range, with new updates as they bring out new packs. Light Dragoons and Artillery are being cast in the very near future.

    All the best

    Andy Mac

  2. anthony cressey

    could you give me a quick rundown on how you painted the 10mm awi figs? they are wonderful. like what color did you prime them and in what; how did you shade & highlight, what brand of paint used, etc. any info would be great.

  3. Jed Ambrose

    Andy has put a painting guide on Pendraken Miniatures forum website !

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