Historicon moving from Lancaster PA to Baltimore

As a local living midway between Gettysburg and Lancaster, I love those locations as I can easily pop over from my house, take in parts of the conventions, and readily go home at my leisure, and parking is free (I am cheap, you know!). Baltimore for me is a longer drive (not a major issue), but I can’t come and go as readily, and I would have to pay for parking multiple times if I were to do my usual back and forth commute. So, I will miss Lancaster, and will have to change my driving habits for a Baltimore con.  I detest the drive down I-83 / I-695 from York, especially on weekdays!

That being said, I am thankful the con didn’t move somewhere where I had to buy a hotel room, or I would have been a no show. I don’t go to Origins any more for that very reason. I spent 35-45 nights a year in hotels for business, and I don’t want to add my hobbies to that tally. Baltimore is an acceptable alternative to Lancaster for me, much better than Pittsburgh and other suggested venues. Of course, when I used to live in Cleveland, I never ventured to Lancaster because it was too far and too out of the way, so I can sympathize with my old friends in HMGS-Great Lakes!

Here is the word from HMGS-East…



DATE: 11 MARCH 2009

Following several years of research and fact-finding,

HMGS East has contracted the Baltimore Convention Center, Inner Harbor,
Baltimore, MD
for HISTORICON 2010 and  2011.

The Board determined that this location provides a great new opportunity to accomplish HMGS' Charter and Purpose of "Promoting the Hobby of Historical
Miniatures Gaming."

After extended negotiations to meet all of HMGS's requirements, the final agreement addresses issues raised from  wide-ranging discussions and
Member/Vendor feedback. The HISTORICON  Convention Team and HMGS East will continue to take input as we prepare for  the move.

The HISTORICON Convention Team and HMGS East Board Members will now devote our full effort to meeting ALL of our attendee and vendor  needs for HISTORICON
â„¢ to include NO PRICE INCREASE, as well as appealing  hotel, parking, dining and access/loading options.

HMGS East will  release more details as soon as possible via the HMGS East Newsletter and the  HMGS East Issues Forum.



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2 thoughts on “Historicon moving from Lancaster PA to Baltimore

  1. James Mattes

    Scott and all, I think in the long run it is the right move for the future of Historicon. Let’s wish HMGS success.
    James Mattes

  2. Origins became a smashing success in downtown Columbus, and has stabilized after years of moving from city to city. I used to go all the time when I lived in Cleveland, and when my Dad was alive, I stayed with him to go to Origins after I moved to PA.

    Hopefully Historicon will show similar growth patterns.

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