Some more Cold Wars 2009 photographs!


Naval action at the 2009 Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention held at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


A fun looking game with nicely done modular terrain tiles game set in the ancient Orient…


Civil War action from the Johnny Reb Gaming Society – a 15mm game of Johnny Reb 3 hosted by yours truly.


Civil War naval combat – a shore battery contests the passage of enemy vessels…


… which steam past the roaring guns without taking significant damage.


Note all the miniature corn in this view. These cornfields appear to be a plastic grass mat that has been painted to give a “two-foot” impression of mature crops.


I guess soccer / football is a form of warfare! At least no one gets killed. The gamers appeared to be having a very good time. When I was a kid, I loved Tudor Electric Football, which could be considered miniatures.


Long-time Civil War author John Michael Priest, a Maryland school teacher, hosted this easy-to-play 54mm skirmish Civil War game.


Surrounded on all sides, how long can the fort hold out?


An interesting background cloth in this late winter gaming scene.


The British fleet anchors off-shore and pounds the colonists town in this impressive game of the Battle of Breeds Hill near Boston (aka the Battle of Bunker Hill). The gamemaster put a lot of time and effort into creating this terrain.


Author and gamesmaster Rich Hasenauer presents a Battle of Wilson’s Creek scenario using his Regimental Fire & Fury rules set, which he told me is nearing publication. A lot of my scenarios in my scenario books are adaptable to these rules, as are scenarios in the hard copy CHARGE!


Pictures don’t do justice to this very nice 25mm game of the storming of Burnside’s Bridge at Antietam. Never before had I seen anyone try to do this scenario as a Brother Against Brother skirmish fight.


Another Antietam game – this time a 15mm regimental level game hosted by my old friend from my days living near Cleveland, Jim Kopchak. This was my first time to actually play in one of his games using his new Civil War Commander rules set. These rules have been steady sellers since their introduction a year ago, and CWC is gaining a following among regimental ACW gamers.


These are some nice looking miniature buildings.

For more photos of Cold Wars 2009, please click HERE.

THINK SPRING!!!! I am tired of winter already.


My grandson is a veteran dice roller, and he has much better luck than I do. He enjoyed Cold Wars during our Friday visit to the gaming venues.

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2 thoughts on “Some more Cold Wars 2009 photographs!

  1. The soccer game is called Subbuteo and has been around in the UK for years and years (like 60’s – 70’s). The figures on are rounded bases and you flick them with your finger to move them around the pitch, kick the ball, etc..

  2. Subbuteo Grog

    Doesn’t look like a Subbuteo pitch, no shooting lines. And those definitely aren’t Subbuteo players. They are on flat bases for one thing, and I’m not aware of any Subbuteo players that are that animated.
    Subbuteo came out in 1947. if you’re interested.

    Looks like a neat game though, anyone know what rules they used?

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