Acme Terrain – WARNING: They are not shipping product or returning money at this time


The Iron Brigade advances toward a line of Confederates defending a zig-zag fence (sometimes also referred to as a Virginia worm fence). Collection of Scott Mingus; fencing by Acme Terrain. Photo taken March 21, 2009, in the HQ gameroom of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.





Many of you know that I am a native of southern Ohio and am a die hard Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Browns fan.  I got my start in wargaming at Miami of Ohio back in the late 1970s. I still have great memories of several HMGS-Great Lakes conventions!

Fellow Buckeye Randy Miller of Dayton operates Acme Terrain, a gaming supply and accessory manufacturing concern. He sent me a small box of demo fences to give our CHARGE! blog readers an idea of the high quality of his finished, painted, and flocked fence sections. As you can see from the photo, although scaled for 10mm, they work just fine for 15mm figures!


Red-shirted Rebels (Wheat’s Tigers) defend a fence line while CSA dismounted cavalry protects their flank. Note that the fence pieces are small, but not out of whack with the 15mm figures.


The fence sections are sturdily mounted on stiff, durable bases that should readily resist warping, curling, or bending. The painting is nicely done with shading, and the flocking is uniform. These sections can be further modified by adding foliage clumps, bushes, downed limbs, small rocks and pebbles, etc. as the wargamer so desires.


These split-rail fences are cast from durable resin.  Finished pieces feature a multi-layered dry-brushing technique with my own mix of flocking, clump foliage and static grass to complete the look.  All finished pieces are protected with a thick coat of clear matte enamel finish. (Union figures by Larry Reber of Gettysburg Soldiers.)


Fencing can be purchased either finished (as shown) or as unpainted resin that you can decorate to your taste and liking.


– The straight and gate pieces are 100mm long and 9mm tall.

– The outside length of each corner piece is 45mm and is 9mm tall.

– The width of the all of the bases is 11mm

Not pictured are Randy’s dismantled fence sections; he is sending me samples and I will share them with our readership after they arrive.

SPECIAL NOTE:  When you place your order with Randy, be sure to ask for the special Johnny Reb Gaming Society CHARGE! discount!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Acme Terrain – WARNING: They are not shipping product or returning money at this time

  1. Randy may consider making pieces taller than 9mm is there is sufficient demand for true 15mm fencing. Why not drop him an e-mail if you are interested in adding another rail or two to the fence!

  2. Bill Starmer

    Nice looking stuff at a great price. I just placed an order and can’t wait to get it!

  3. Cory Coleman

    This person has taken money from several people and delivered nothing.

    You might not want to be advertising for them (which is how i found out about them and subsequently lost money ordering from).

  4. Thanks for the info, Cory! I didn’t have a problem with the man, but then again, I didn’t send him any money. He sent me samples unsolicited. I will post a warning message.

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