Jerry Merrell’s 15mm JR3 game of Houter Junction


Johnny Reb
gamemaster Jerry Merrell wrote, “Here are a few pics of a JRIII game we ran here in Missouri 10 days ago. It was Scot Gore’s Houter Junction scenario found in the files section of the JRIII Yahoo Group. 12’x6′ table. 14 players. 22mm figs. Players could communicate with each other only by written message via courier. This produced the difficulty, miscommunication and frustration one reads about in accounts of Civil War battles. I thought you’d like viewing the pics.”


Here are several more photos that Jerry e-mailed to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society for this blog. We certainly appreciate his willingness to share this impressive game with the CHARGE! readership. His table is outstanding (I love tabletops that offer diverse elements as it add to the overall visual appeal.


An sweeping overview of Jerry’s tabletop battlefield – look at all the different terrain elements, the railroad, the town, the woods. Nice terrain, and an interesting scenario by long-time JR gamer Scot Gore of Minnesota.


The Confederate position at the start of the scenario.


The hilltop entrenchments make a formidable defensive position!


A train steams through the battlefield. This reminds me of the old classic Port Royal scenario where the Louisiana Tigers broke off an attack to chase down and loot a passing train.


Union zouaves move to the attack


The action heats up, and there will be plenty of vacant chairs at homes in both the North and South following this engagement


Thanks Jerry for sharing these photos!

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One thought on “Jerry Merrell’s 15mm JR3 game of Houter Junction

  1. Jerry Merrell

    I might add that the woods, streams, hasty works,
    wheat fields, several of the other crops and and
    some of the snake fenses were supplied by Doug Kline
    of Battlefield Terrain Concepts.

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