Rick Dunn’s photos of Jim Kopchak’s Averasboro scenario


Rhett’s Brigade watches the Union forces advance in this photo by Cleveland gamer Rick Dunn of the Battle of Averasboro in 15mm, a scenario run by Jim Kopchak of the Northern Ohio Wargaming Society (NOWS).


The attacking Yankees are from Joseph Hawley’s brigade. They advance with parade ground precision, while Rhett’s men hold their fire until the range is lessened.


In this view, the Confederates’ first line of defense huddled behind their earthworks, ready to blast away on command at the oncoming Yankees.


The Union attack is gaining momentum as Howley leads his men forward toward the waiting Confederate line.


A line of wooden fences slows down the advancing Union brigade, as Confederate lead begins to strike home and men begin to drop out of the line.


The charge slams home. Rhett’s Rebels stand firm as Hawley’s bluebellies hit the line. A melee ensues, and men resort to hand-to-hand combat.


A general fire-fight breaks out along the Confederate defenses, and scores of men are killed or wounded. The Yankees prepare to continue their assault, this time targeting the second Rebel line.


An overview of the Union attack on the second Confederate defensive line… time to fix bayonets and bring the charge home!

My thanks go out to Rick Dunn for sending me his photographs of this interesting Civil War Commander scenario, which will appear in the next hard copy issue of CHARGE! newsletter / fanzine.

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2 thoughts on “Rick Dunn’s photos of Jim Kopchak’s Averasboro scenario

  1. My son, Dave, and I fought in this one. His were the men pouring over the CS defenses. I was on the CS Left and held at that time while the center and right collapsed.

  2. I love close-up PICs!

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