Dave’s Baggage Train storage system


At Cold Wars, I decided (finally) to invest in a better system to store and haul my 15mm Civil War figures to and from conventions and other public gaming settings. After years of lugging heavy totes or fighting with balancing everything on my dolly, I took a little bit of money I made selling non-wargaming historical books and invested in luggage from Dave’s Baggage Train in the dealer hall, and then augmented it with some stuff bought on eBay. This should make it easier to transport my figures and accessories.

In the first photo, here is a quick look at some of my Civil War miniature wargaming items as stored in the trays that I purchased for use with the carrying cases. (The old toys in the background are Fisher Price stuff my little grandson was playing with).


Here is a quick look at the armies in their new home. They are mounted on metal bases for Johnny Reb 3 and the plastic army trays are lined with magnetic sheeting. Figures were painted by Scott Mingus and by Larry Reber of Gettysburg Soldiers.

And now a few more pix…


Individual trays are available from a variety of sources, including from eBay, in various depths. I use a combination of 1″, 2″ and 3″ deep plastic or heavy laminated board trays. Most of the 10mm ACW houses shown above were painted by John Hill and Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, which also provided the stream/river sections at the top of the photo (I lined the banks of these model pieces with clump foliage, grasses, downed tree limbs, etc.). I prefer 10mm houses with 15mm figures for the Johnny Reb 3 gaming system I use.


The Plano tackle boxes fit this storage system perfectly and provide additional storage for a couple of bucks from the local Gander Mountain store. Cornfields in the lower box are from Battlefield Terrain Concepts.


Here, the figures, houses, fields, accessories, dice, tape measures, etc. are all packed up and ready for the next public wargaming display! The art print to the left of my reenactor’s uniform is Columbia Bridge Burning, signed by artist Bradley Schmehl, and is the cover art from my latest book, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition.


The smaller case fits perfectly onto the wheeled, handled one for easy movement. No more lugging heavy totes around with mismatched sizes of cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Much easier now that I am in my early 50s!

For several other photographs of my basement wargaming and board gaming room (aka to my grandson as “Grandpa’s play room”), please see my earlier blog entry.

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4 thoughts on “Dave’s Baggage Train storage system

  1. Question: so Scott, do those trays simply stack in the soft carry cover? Or do they slide into some sort of rack then cover? What keeps them from slipping around?

  2. Hi Doug!

    The plastic trays have an indented bottom that enables them to somewhat interlock together when stacked. The resulting stack is quite stable.


  3. Question, Scott: What depth of tray did you use for your infantry and cavalry? I was hoping maybe the 1 inch would hold my colonial infantry and the 2 inch my cavalry and camelry.

    I guess what I really need to know is the interior dimension of the trays. Is the 2-inch tray 2 inches deep on the inside or the outside?

    Thanks for giving your review. I’d also like to know how well the soft case has stood up for the last year. I am thinking of investing in either the soft case with wheels or the aluminum one.

  4. I use 2″ deep trays for my figures (mounted and foot). They are perfect considering the height of a flag bearer on horseback). The only thing that has been a little snug are my 10mm houses and barns — they come right up to the top of the trays but are OK.

    All three of my soft cases have held up quite well for the past year – no issues at all. I may buy some more for my 15mm AWI figures. After making my initial purchase from Dave’s, I have bought more trays and 2 more cases from eBay – simply do a search for “jeweler’s tray” or “jeweler’s case” and several dealers should pop up.

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