Coming in the May issue of CHARGE!

Debi and I present three original scenarios for the regimental-level miniature wargamer, including two Trans-Mississippi games that will require Native American troops. These are the First Battle of Newtonia (by Jerry Stefek) and the Battle of Honey Springs (Scott Mingus). Also, Jim Kopchak gives us a scenario for the 1865 Battle of Averasboro during the end of the Carolinas Campaign.

Other articles include a treatise on hidden movement by Larry Reber (useful for the Averasboro scenario!), as well as John Mayer of Round Top Miniatures detailed step-by-step guide to making interesting flexible forests and woodlands. I also include some fresh anecdotes from the Gettysburg Campaign.

CHARGE! will be mailed the first week of May, on time for the 23rd consecutive issue, something that Debi and I are quite proud of, considering we have real jobs and do this as favor for the JR gaming community as a non-profit contribution.

Coming in the August issue are a look at Dennis Morris’s basement spectacular Gettysburg diorama and how to make similarly detailed terrain of your own, Larry Reber’s look at supply wagons and support vehicles to fill out your gaming article, Jerry Stefek’s tour of a great new Civil War museum in Wisconsin, a review and pictures of John Hill’s appearance at Kubla Con, and a few scenarios of interest to regimental ACW gamers!

We are always looking for new articles and scenarios, so keep sending them in, please! We want CHARGE! to add value to the gaming community, and it’s only as good as the contributions you send in!

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One thought on “Coming in the May issue of CHARGE!

  1. Hello Scott,

    Enjoyed your blog, mate – nice one! ACW is an interest of mine, so I will be check back regularly.

    All the best,


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