Some more photos of my old 1960s vintage Civil War toy soldiers


This photo shows a hodge-podge of different 1960s toy soldiers. The redoubt is from my Marx Civil War playset (the 1963 Centenniel Blue & Gray playset). The figures manning the guns I bought at S.S. Kresge in Zanesville, OH about 1966-68, and I am told they are Crescent figures from England. The soldier blue figures to the right center are Marx 54mm cavalry figures from the Fort Apache playset. The figures at the bottom right are Britains, some of which came from Gettysburg’s Fort Defiance gift shop in 1968. The brownish figures are Marx 54mm figures from their Boonesborough playset, including Daniel Boone. Some of the gray figures at the lower left are more recent figures and were from my kids’ childhood in the 1990s.


Another view of the Marx redoubt and the unknown figures… the ones to the upper left of course are vintage Marx Centennial figures.


These of course are old MPC Ring Hand figures. I have lost most of their equipment since the 1960s, but a couple of accessories can be seen in the photo. The plastic is beginning to get fragile after 40+ years; one of the figures has lost his forearm and ring hand.


Some of the old Marx 54mm plastic figures. Not sure why I painted them as a kid, but perhaps someday I will use some thinner and see how much of the paint I can remove.


Some of the vintage Tim-Mee Civil War figures. The local stores never sold the corresponding Confederate figures. Some of the figures in this shot were made by REL.

For additional photos of these toy soldiers, see my previous post.

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4 thoughts on “Some more photos of my old 1960s vintage Civil War toy soldiers

  1. I wish I knew who made those figures! I remember being in hospital at age 7 (1965) and Mom used visit, each time should would bring me a new soldier to play with. I remember well the officer, the “scout” with the long rifle and the sergeant with the pistol at his hip – he used to have a flag in is other hand I’m sure.

  2. chris brown

    I think the unidentified figures might be Crescent? Are they a bit bigger than the other pieces? I had some of these in the sixties – in fact I might still have the odd one or two sitting around somewhere; if you’d like them I’d gladly send them to you – there’s no point in them sitting round here doing nothing. Thanks again for your advice re cleaning figures.

  3. Sure, I will take them Chris!

  4. Carl Castoro

    Hi bloggers. I’m looking for a set of plastic ACW toy soldiers, sold at ACW Battlefield Park Gift shops in the 1990’s thru early 2000’s. They resemble BMC/Americana figures available today. 8 poses blue and 8 grey. All different. The blue coloring rubs off the Union guys. I think they were made in Mexico, but have NO info. Main difference between these and BMC, these have 2 poses of prone soldiers shooting rifles. Discussed last year on Stads Stuff blog. Appreciate any help in locating them. Thanks….and all stay well. Carl

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