Do you use order dials for Johnny Reb 3 or chits?


One of the most critical parts of the Johnny Reb gaming mechanism is marking orders for individual regiments (or collectively for a brigade). A number of different methods have been used. In the very early days, some gamers made foam cubes, marked on each side with one of the six key orders (Form, Move, First Fire, Charge, Conditional Hold, Hold, and Disengage). The desired order was face up, covered with a piece of paper or a chipboard chit. Later on, GDW included pre-printed order chits, with one order per chit, and these were distributed in the game boxes; additional chits could be ordered or bought at participating gaming retailers. Some people flocked the backside of the chits to make them look better on the gaming table and help them blend in for photography.

A couple of years ago, a Midwestern gamer began creating and selling Fox’s Bases – magnetic disks marked with the six JR orders, with another magnetic cover to mask the order. These were flocked. They were initially popular, but because of health issues, Rob had to curtail his activities.

Now, the Dial Dude has decided to adopt Fox’s Bases concept and further improve it with covers that have flags for easy ID. A full report will be in the August issue of the hard copy CHARGE!, as well as ordering information and, if all goes well, free samples.

Do you use Fox’s Bases, chits, cubes, the new improved disks from the Dial Dude, scraps of paper, or some other method to mark your orders?? Any photos of your games with markers that you want to share?

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4 thoughts on “Do you use order dials for Johnny Reb 3 or chits?

  1. I use the Dial Dudes stuff. It neatens up the table a LOT. They’re inexpensive and he’s great to deal with, too.


    where does one find the dial dudes order dials?

  3. Here is his website.

  4. John Belanger

    In regards to your question about dial dude order dials. I started to make what I call order counters for Johnny Reb players in 1999. Originally these were limited, and for the most part only used by Dean West and Pat Lebeau. After being ripped off, I stopped making them until Oct. of 2014. At that time Dean West And George Rust each received 100. If someone is interested, I can make these available depending on interest. These at a cost of 3 to 4 dollars each, depending on order size. These are very nice and are the original item. If you have ever played Johnny Reb with Dean, you would know how excellent these are to make the game go seamlessly.

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