Bill Witthans’ Johnny Reb 2 after-action report


The 1st Louisiana Zouaves cross a contested bridge near the Pennsylvania-Delaware border following Robert E. Lee’s smashing victory at the Battle of Gettysburg and Meade’s subsequent retreat. Note the excellent details on these figures!

Bill Witthans is a Southern California wargamer and miniature figure painter who also is a talented photographer.  He and his friends in the Bengal Club LA have been playing American Civil War games using Fire & Fury and Johnny Reb 2, as well as other wargaming rules and periods. He recently found this CHARGE! website from the Johnny Reb Gaming Society and subsequently sent me an e-mail to introduce himself. He  sent me a link to his interesting website, which is chockful of photographs of miniatures he has painted, as well as several wargames in progress.


An interesting photo technique; this picture was apparently taken by a miniature combat photographer perched on the mountaintop behind the lines. Bill’s site has several such black-and-white “period” photos in the spirit of Matthew Brady.


I don’t know if Bill knew I have written a new book on the “Louisiana Tigers” of Harry Hays’ First Louisiana Brigade, but here is a close-up of his 1st Louisiana Infantry from Colonel Jesse M. Williams’ Second Louisiana Brigade. By the time of the Gettysburg Campaign, the Army of Northern Virginia had no zouave units, but the miniatures make a VERY colorful addition to the gaming table! The original “Wheat’s Tigers” have long been a popular topic for books, paintings, model soldiers, and miniature wargaming.

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