Siam Painting Service

ACW 15mm, ex-01

Walter Hufschmid, the general manager of Siam Painting Service in Thailand, sent me a small packet of 15mm wargaming figures as examples of the standard wargame quality painting the company does as a professional painting service to the gaming community.

SPS Thailand Ltd. was formed in December 2003 and has expanded to serve customers around the world.  They paint any size figure from 6mm to 54mm, and can base, flock, and detail the bases if desired. The sample figures sent to me had very attractive and attention getting bases with small rocks, bushes / scrub, and static grass. These look quite nice on the gaming table.

ACW 15mm, ex-02

The quality of the painting rivals other international providers of similar services, and the figures arrived securely shipped. Each individually mounted sample figure was fully wrapped in a protective shroud of bubble wrap, and the entire set in turn was also wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap before being placed in a protective mailer for the international post. There was no damage to any of the figures despite the thousands of miles of transit.

ACW 15mm, ex-03

The painting quality is quite good, with shadowing and details nicely done. The above chasseur is a good example of the typical quality of the four samples sent to me. The figure certainly surpasses the standard “2-foot” rule of thumb for wargaming tables, and it’s details stand out in the painting done by Walter’s crew. He employs twelve to fourteen paintets (depending upon the volume of incoming orders and the existing backlog of orders).

ACW 15mm, pix 4

The typical turnaround time, according to general manager Hufschmidt, is 3-5 weeks following date of arrival in Thailand of the figures to be painted to the date of departure when the finished figures are packed and sent out by SPS.  All work is guaranteed, and, before shipment, Walter takes digital photographs of the finished product and allows the customer to approve the work before mailing the shipment via international airmail parcel post.

For more information and pricing, please see SPS’s website or send Walter an e-mail at

Their exclusive North American distributor and sales agent is Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies in Connecticut. They sell pre-painted packages of 25mm armies of various periods at leading conventions and through the Internet. Owners Jacob and Shari Kovel will have Siam Painting Service’s products in stock at Historicon in the dealer hall from July 16-19 in Lancaster, PA, or U.S. customers may call toll-free 860-651-6166 for more information on SPS’s painted figures.

Artherian iB

Why not stop by Silver Eagle Wargames Supplies booth at Historicon and compare the quality of these painted figures to others?

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