Cory Ring’s 25mm ACW wargaming


Tennessee wargamer Cory Ring is a long-time member of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. Among his primary hobby interests is American Civil War miniature wargaming using the popular Johnny Reb 3 rules system. He was kind enough to send me some photographs of one of his 25mm games in progress.


Rebel artillery prepares to fire at a distant Union line.  The officer’s cool judgement will assist in the accuracy of the fire (a +1 modifier to the die roll on the combat results table in Johnny Reb 3).


With his dismounted aide waving his sword aloft, the Union brigade commander coolly ignores the Rebel threat and orders his men to advance across the fields toward the enemy position.


The Confederates await the impending assault. The ensuing battle will be swift and brutal.

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2 thoughts on “Cory Ring’s 25mm ACW wargaming

  1. Nice PICs

  2. Shiloh aka Gary Livingston

    Where in Tennessee is Cory Ring located? I am looking for some war gaming contacts as I live in West Tennessee and haven’t found any. Thanks

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