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More photos of Pawel Chrzanowski’s 10mm ACW figures!


Figures from the impressive collection of Pawel Chrzanowski.

All photos were taken by Małgorzata Gozdyra.


These Union zouaves are welcome to  fight on my tabletop any day! WOW! Remember, these are 10mm figures, and they are painted to the level and quality of a 25 – 28 mm figure! I am so jealous (and admiring of Pawel’s talent!). Great job!

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Some SWEET 10mm ACW figures!!!!



All photos are courtesy of Pawel Chrzanowski; these are some spectacular figures!!!!

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Some old photos from my website – The Peach Orchard / Wheatfield


Geocities is taking down all their websites, so I will lose my website for the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. I copied over a few of my photos from that site. The above photo shows Union III Corps troops passing through a small Maryland town en route to Gettysburg.


The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg. Note my old GHQ Terrain Maker 4″ hexes. Doug Rogers and I ran this game at Advance the Colors in 1999 in Dayton, Ohio.

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A few more pix from Historicon 2009!


Here are a quartet of additional photos I forgot to post earlier. These were taken during the Friday session at historicon 2009.

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Historicon’s 25th Anniversary Cake

WVL and Hcon 016

Happy Birthday to Historicon! Happy birthday to you…

WVL and Hcon 017

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More Civil War games at Historicon 2009

WVL and Hcon 010

An impressive looking woodlot in miniature graces this tabletop terrain from long-time Cleveland, Ohio, wargamer and rule system designer Jim Kopchak, author of Civil War Commander. Jim’s layout of the Battle of Averasborough, North Carolina, drew praise, and I played in his game on Friday evening. It was exciting, and we Yankees marched across the fields and took two lines of Rebel entrenchments in a series of charges.

WVL and Hcon 011

Another photo of Jim’s layout.

For photos of other ACW games, please continue reading…

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Pickett’s Charge in 15mm at Historicon 2009


Major General Dorsey Pender‘s division approaches the Emmitsburg Road south of Gettysburg under heavy artillery fire in this 15mm game of Pickett’s Charge.  The Bliss farm(extreme top of the photo) is in ruins, with the house and barn now smoldering ruins after being burned in the morning by the order of Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays.

The scenario was adapted from Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature, Volume 2 by Scott Mingus. We had thirteen players for the game, which was designed for only eight. Because there weren’t enough games today apparently, there were far more players than open slots for most of the games being run.


I think most of the players had a good time, but as usual with huge Johnny Reb 3 games, it’s tough to coordinate sides of the table, especially with so many gamers. Still, I am glad I put on the game.

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Brothers Divided on sale at Historicon and from leading retailers


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Stonewall Jackson “endorses” Coca-Cola – 80 years after dying!

national geographic1

Thanks go out to Larry Reber of Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers for locating and scanning this old advertisement to share with CHARGE! readers.

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Andy Mac’s superb 10mm 9th Virginia Infantry

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 06

British wargaming figure painter Andrew MacDonald-Rice (“Andy Mac”) is one of my favorite figure painters and miniatures photographer in the world. He’s back with another exceptionally well painted and detailed 10mm regiment for your viewing enjoyment.

Have a look at this eye candy!

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