Andy Mac’s superb 10mm 9th Virginia Infantry

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 06

British wargaming figure painter Andrew MacDonald-Rice (“Andy Mac”) is one of my favorite figure painters and miniatures photographer in the world. He’s back with another exceptionally well painted and detailed 10mm regiment for your viewing enjoyment.

Have a look at this eye candy!

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 01

The full 5-stand regiment – note the detail and composition of this well crafted unit. Andy certainly has a lot of talent!

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 04

Keep in mind these are 10mm – I can’t paint 25mm this good!!! Simply superb, Andy! Notice the shading and highlighting, on such a small scale.

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 07

The dead Yankee is an interesting touch. One gets the impression of a Confederate battleline advancing through a field recently vacated by Union skirmishers who have pulled back to their main defensive line, leaving their dead and badly wounded on the field.

For photos of Andy’s equally appealing 1st Maryland (CSA), please CLICK HERE!

Keep the photos coming, Andy!

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