Pickett’s Charge in 15mm at Historicon 2009


Major General Dorsey Pender‘s division approaches the Emmitsburg Road south of Gettysburg under heavy artillery fire in this 15mm game of Pickett’s Charge.  The Bliss farm(extreme top of the photo) is in ruins, with the house and barn now smoldering ruins after being burned in the morning by the order of Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays.

The scenario was adapted from Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature, Volume 2 by Scott Mingus. We had thirteen players for the game, which was designed for only eight. Because there weren’t enough games today apparently, there were far more players than open slots for most of the games being run.


I think most of the players had a good time, but as usual with huge Johnny Reb 3 games, it’s tough to coordinate sides of the table, especially with so many gamers. Still, I am glad I put on the game.


The Yankee line (part of the brigade of Eliakim Sherrill) near the Darrah house near Zeigler’s Grove. Repeated CSA assaults in this sector managed to make it to the top of the grove, but no futher. Just to the south, rebel units poured through Thomas Smyth‘s brigade and reached the Taneytown Road, as did units farther south where Theodore Gates‘ and William Harrow‘s brigades were pushed back or destroyed.


The latter stages of the Confederate artillery bombardment just as Richard Garnett‘s brigade comes forward.


The Union defensive line on Cemetery Ridge awaits the oncoming 12,000 Confederates in miniature. By the end of the game, the line will have some serious holes in it, and there will be far fewer Rebels on the board as well. Casualties were very high, but determined charges carried the day. The Yankees are commanded by Winfield Scott Hancock.

Of course, a whole bunch of I Corps and III Corps Yankee troops began arriving as the scenario ended, so although this was a tactical Confederate victory, in reality the hold on the Taneytown Road would have been quite tenuous as lots of blue-coats were racing to the scene. Now, if only Robert Rodes‘ division would have come forward to cement the Confederate victory, But, alas, they stayed put in Long Lane…


Some of the wargamers contemplate their next moves… but of course poor die-rolling can unhinge the best laid plans.


Enduring Valor is back in print and is available from leading wargaming retailers, or directly from the publisher, Marek/Janci Design of Wheaton, Illinois.

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One thought on “Pickett’s Charge in 15mm at Historicon 2009

  1. Wish I’d been there, but alas ….. work schedule, and work at home, prevailed.

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